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An "NDA" is often referred to as a Confidentiality Agreement, a Confidential Disclosure Agreement, a

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The enactment of Bill 18 brought in the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act,

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Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects original musical, literary, artistic, and other

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Using your competitor's IP (such as brand name or slogan) to enhance your SEO is

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Intellectual Property is a term that is often misunderstood. Intellectual Property is a term that

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Canada's latest update to its intellectual property strategy is a welcome detour when we consider

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Trademarks in Canada May Never be the Same

With Bill C-31, the Economic Action Plan Act 2014, receiving Royal Assent, we can expect

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Consulting a registered trademark agent can help you expedite the process and improve your chances

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As an entrepreneur, one of your goals is the advancement of your company from the

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This question often comes up prior to the drafting of a patent application. Should you

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Keep these tips in mind while devising a comprehensive IP protection strategy for your business

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Consult an IP lawyer to learn more about public domain resources and ways to identify

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Social media is the use of websites, and applications to stay socially connected and to

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In the event of an IP litigation, there are two ways to settle the case.

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If you have been planning to register your brand name as a trademark, then here

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Copyright registration may be sought by the creator or by the person that has an

The Songwriters Guide for Copyright Law: Part 1

Copyright is considered a bundle of different rights that are set and outlined in the

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While there are several requirements that must be met in order to obtain a patent,

The BLA effect on Minerals, Oil & Gas

A builders' lien is required to strictly comply with the BLA. The BLA has specific

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Small businesses should seek the advice of intellectual property lawyers in the event of a

Should You Copyright Your Book Before Publishing It

We can guide authors through various potential copyright issues, including IP commercialization and IP litigation,

Protecting Your Brand Slogans From Misuse

The legislation, applicants will have to furnish the Trademarks Office with evidence to establish the

New Intellectual Property Law Proposed By The Federal Government: Part 2

The newly changed legislation will now allow the introduction of prosecution history to be submitted

New Intellectual Property Law Proposed By The Federal Government : Part 1

Intellectual property laws in Canada may soon see a change as the federal government has