Should You Copyright Your Book Before Publishing It

A copyright is a type of intellectual property granted to unique works of art and literature which provides its creator exclusive rights to ownership. A copyright is a safeguard which grants its owner the legal right to publish, perform, sell, or use his intellectual property in a way that he chooses. Artistic intellectual properties such as literary works, films, paintings, and musical compositions are safeguarded against illegal use or reproduction by an outside entity with the means of a copyright. Unlike invention where rights are only obtained through the filing and issuance of a patent, copyright is an automatic right given to works of art upon their creation. A copyright registration is not required for there to be copyright, however a registration can be used as evidence of ownership. Authors have always been eruptive about their work being used or reworked without the provision of fair credit, and to avoid the possibility of the same, they copyright their work whenever necessary. Should an author obtain a copyright registration for their book before publishing it? The answer depends on several considerations. Read on for more clarity:

Your Stature

For an author with a sizeable following, it might be a useful measure to obtain a copyright registration for one’s manuscript before publishing it. In certain cases, the cult of an author populates to such an extent that it drives certain fans to the point of obsession, making the manuscript a hotbed for infringement. This is an even greater risk in the age of digital communication where a single leaked file could spread to millions of people in a short span of time.

First-time authors or relatively unknown authors could potentially get away with not having a copyright registration for their manuscript as the publisher usually has their own means to copyright the book in the authors’ names. It is still advisable to contact an IP lawyer in Edmonton to gain further clarity on this issue.

The Serialization of the Book

If your book is a sequel to a previous work or is an installment of a popular book series, obtaining a copyright registration may be a prudent approach. Your work contains sensitive information pertaining to the progression of the entire book series and obtaining a copyright registration adds legal protection which could be important.

The Financial Considerations

A copyright registration is an asset which enables the author to benefit from his work for many years to come. Copyright protection also offers several financial benefits which need to be weighed carefully against the costs associated with the legal procedure of copyrighting. It is important to note that obtaining a copyright also comes with licensing benefits which allows an outside party to use the original work with the author’s approval.

The Legal Considerations

IP lawyers are often asked questions about copyright, copyright registration and copyright infringement. If you are unsure about copyright, it is advisable to approach an IP lawyer in Edmonton for further clarity. IP lawyers will provide you with a detailed explanation of the extent of your rights and the protection which a copyright can provide.

Established law firms such as Prowse Chowne LLP can guide authors through various potential copyright issues, including intellectual property commercialization and intellectual property litigation, to help protect unique artistic creations.