Collecting Coupons For Survival After Divorce

Have you seen those coupons in newspapers or magazines? Have you tried using them in buying from the grocery store or perhaps a new sweater for the winter? If you have yet to try it for yourself, you’d be surprised at how many women survive with just these coupons alone. It can be quite intriguing to hear that women spend a lot of time collecting a variety of coupons for different products that can be used at home. For those who don’t know how these coupons work, this might seem like an odd thing to do, but not when you are trying to make ends meet after divorce.

Most couples who choose to go through the divorce without legal representation think that they have saved thousands of dollars that they would have spent paying the lawyer. They negotiate on their own without thinking about the risks that come with every choice they make. They base their decisions on their feelings. The more emotional they are during the negotiations with a mediator, the more likely are they to make decisions that they will regret later on. Sadly, choosing not to work with a divorce lawyer come with more risks than one is prepared for.

One of the risks of working through a divorce without a lawyer’s help is getting less than half of what you’re supposed to get. Because you failed to calculate the taxes as well as the other fees that might be incurred by the properties you have chosen to keep, you might end up with less the budget that you imagined you will get. And to make ends meet, you try to find a job. For some, the only means to survive after the divorce is to collect coupons and use them to shop for the things they need in the house.

For many men and women, going through the divorce is not just about going through a very emotional stage in their life. It may require a lot of financial adjustments too. It may need some spouses to go back to the workplace while others might need to spend less. The message of divorce is pretty simple. Never go through it without a lawyer’s help. Unless you know how to strategize on your own, you will need legal help that sees your situation from a different perspective.