4 Things to Look for While Hiring A Corporate Lawyer

As a business owner, you have to outsource a few services for your firm. The two main professionals that all businesses need are an accountant and a lawyer. Since we’re a law firm, let’s focus on the latter.

Corporate lawyers from established law firms can help you identify legal and compliance-related risks. They can also help manage your legal hassles while you are busy looking after your business operations. In medium and large organizations, they are also required during mergers and acquisitions. Hence, the role of a corporate lawyer is crucial for any business and you should hire the best for your firm.

But what should you look for while hiring a corporate lawyer?

1) Experience and Clientele

Before hiring a lawyer, it is good to ask them a few questions about their past experiences, their expertise, and their clientele. For example, if you plan to get your business incorporated, then it would be preferable if your lawyer has handled incorporation cases in the past. You can also ask them about their clientele to get a better understanding of their network and market demand.

2) Fee Structure

When you run a business, it is important to make every penny you spend count. Ask the lawyer for his fee structure before you proceed and hire him. Get an understanding of what all you’ll get for the money you will be paying. If you own a startup, you are all the more pressed for resources. So, make sure you get a bang for your buck.

3) Track Record

Before you set up an appointment with your attorney, do a basic search about him online. Get an understanding of his past work. You might come across some online reviews about the lawyer that might give you some insight into the working patterns of your lawyer. At this point, you should also check with the bar association of your state to see if there are any complaints, misconduct charges or accusations of malpractice on the lawyer concerned.

4) Communication and Availability

You need to identify if the requirement for a lawyer is short-term or long-term. Certain cases might take months and would require your lawyer to stay connected with you throughout the case. So, see to it that you find a lawyer that is available for as long as you need them. Also look at the way the law firm communicates. Do they respond to your emails quickly? Do you have to make a thousand phone calls to get them online?

Be prudent while selecting a corporate lawyer for your firm and make sure they are an asset and not a liability for your company.