Generalist or Specialist: What Type Of Lawyer Should You Choose?

What do you look for in the lawyer that you hire? When you need to hire a lawyer, there are two basic options to choose from – hire a generalist or hire a specialist. Sometimes, it may be good to hire a general practice lawyer, but in most cases, it is best to hire a lawyer whose specialization primarily includes the case you have on hand. Budgetary concerns may be one of the reasons why people choose generalist practitioners over the specialist. But putting that aside, here are the top four reasons why it is always best to work with a specialist lawyer than settle for a general practitioner:

Business taxes – If you or your company have been charged with fraud, you should talk to a reputable business lawyer right away. Apart from the fines and the serious penalties that come with the case, the reputation of your business will be significantly affected and can put your investment in jeopardy. You will need a business lawyer – someone who understands the tax systems in Canada. He will not only save you from such cases, but he could prevent it from happening again.

Bankruptcy Application – The filing of bankruptcy should never be taken lightly. You will need a lawyer who specializes in handling bankruptcy cases to ensure that you understand all the implications that come with your application of it. An attorney whose practice focuses on handling bankruptcy cases will be able to explain to you the rules and restrictions associated with the use of bankruptcy as well as the responsibilities that come with it.

Divorce Filing – Although many couples think they can go through a divorce on their own, talking with a family lawyer whose specialization focuses on divorce cases will help couples understand the rights that they are entitled to as well as the responsibilities that come with the choices that they make during the negotiation. Divorce lawyers will ensure that your best interests are always protected.

Business Start-up – Contrary to popular belief, small or big business start-ups always need the expertise of a business lawyer. The lawyer will ensure that the business is set-up in such a way that your investment is protected that you won’t have to worry about future cases filed against you or the business. Their help begins with the choosing of the right business structure to put your business in place and get it off on the right foot.

All lawyers, general practitioners or those with specialization are good at what they do. Hiring the ones that specialize in the services that you need will only give you more legal perspective on what you are up against.

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