Lawyers You Need For Your Business

Are you starting a new business soon? Perhaps all the planning is making you very excited about this new adventure you are getting yourself into. And although a lot of difficult choices need to be made, the thought of finally making your dream business a reality excited you a certain way. Apart from ensuring that your new business complies with both the local and international trade laws followed in Canada, there are a lot of things about business that need to be settled before the trouble even sets in. The best way to make sure that you don’t create a problem before your business starts is to consult with the right business lawyer.

And just when you thought that you’d got everything under control, you realize that there are more than a handful of business lawyers to choose from. At this point, you understand that your business might need more to hire more than one lawyer at a time. But which one should you hire first? Who do you consult with about your business concerns?

Here is a list of the top three lawyers that you need for your business:

A Tax Lawyer – By this time, you might have made up your mind as to the business structure that you want to pursue. Whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership or an LLC, you will need a lawyer to present to you the many different ways the business structure of your choice is going to affect the taxes that you have to pay the Canadian government. With the lawyer’s help, you can make the right choice, considering the investment that you are putting in this new business venture.

A Contracts Lawyer – Setting up a business also means getting yourself into a lot of contracts. You will need contracts to be drafted for your employees, suppliers and even with your customers. A contracts attorney will be able to make sure that all your business concerns and interests are protected. Moreover, such lawyer will be able to foolproof all your contracts to ensure that they will stand in court.

An Employment Lawyer – When you start your own business, you cannot run it all on your own. You will need to hire people and trust that their expertise will help move your business forward. When you hire people, you must make sure that your rights as a business owner and their rights as workers are protected at all times. An employment lawyer can advise you on your obligations as an employer, and they can help you put together all the requirements for tax purposes as well.

The list of agents you need for your business comes in a long list. Hiring the top 3 will help you get started. All the other lawyers you will need for your business can do well after.