Mall Injuries

A woman in China died due to an escalator tragedy in a mall and has brought into focus the importance of following safety and security protocols. Nearly everyone visits a mall at some point during the year and the incidence of mishaps due to negligence have increased. It is important to know one’s rights in such a situation. Here are some of the most common mall accidents due to negligence:

1. Slips and falls

This is one of the most common forms of mall accidents. to the causes are varied and can include uneven and cracked sidewalks, waxed or slippery floors, unsecured electrical cords, spillage of drinks or food and step-ups inside stores.

2. Escalator injuries

Injuries while using escalators, mainly due to misaligned handrails, non-synced steps, broken entry mats or simple malfunction of the system are common mall injuries.


Image courtesy: Flickr

3. Shopping carts

Injuries from poorly maintained shopping carts are also a cause of accidents in malls. Such injuries are primarily a consequence of sharp and abrasive edges that cut visitors’ fingers and hands.

4. Parking lot crashes

Crashes in parking lots of malls are frequent. Worn away or nonexistent directions and poor lighting can be contributing factors.

Tort law In Canada, an injury caused by negligence to a person visiting a property can be the liability of the property owner. Thus, any injuries faced by shoppers in malls can be ultimately the responsibility of the mall owner. For example, if an escalator suddenly stops working causing you severe injury like a fracture in either of your arms, the mall owner may be liable to pay you compensation. But if you suffer an injury due to tripping over shopping bags that were dropped by a fellow shopper in front of you, the mall owner would not be liable for such an injury.

What next? If the injury is minor, involving bruises, swelling or cuts, you can handle the claim by yourself. But if the injury is more serious like broken bones, head injuries or internal damage, hiring an experienced lawyer is essential. An experienced lawyer will know which evidence to assemble, and how best to present your claim for damages, giving you the best opportunity for a satisfactory resolution of your claim.