Managing Cloud Computing SLA Failures

With the disruptions caused by today’s constantly changing technology, SLA breaches are a dime a dozen. Cloud computing in particular is dealing with a host of such breaches. Privacy among others is one of the top concerns shared by customers regarding IT technology. Here’s how to manage these problems and keep customer complaints to a minimum.

Envisioning future scenarios

IT technicians dealing with cloud computing technology should identify possible scenarios that may cause a SLA breach. They can educate their customers about these scenarios and prevent them from taking place. This will empower customers and boost their confidence. Such breaches will be kept to a minimum. Thorough testing of possible outcomes may lead to implementation of preventive measures.

Remedial action in place

Cloud computing developers must have systems in place that react quickly to malfunctions in service delivery and quickly resolve the issue. While things may go awry easily in cloud computing, responding to the threat immediately and solving the problem will regain customer support. Feedback mechanisms and IT help services must be at the forefront of these systems.

Terremark Inc., a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, is a cloud computing provider that has an incident procedure that dictates how to respond to a SLA violation. Their IT technicians are also willing to sit with their customers and guide them through the remedial process step by step.

Keeping customers in the loop

Service providers must give a detailed account of the steps taken during the remedial process. This cues in the customers to the situation and increases their confidence in the company.

High level assistance

Customers are bound to be unhappy when their SLA agreements are violated. To assuage their concerns, top level management of the IT company (perhaps the CEO herself) should take part in the remedial process. Having the CEO participate in resolving the customer’s problems shows that the company really cares.

Transparency builds trust

Cloud computing companies must ensure transparency regarding the problem, its solution as well as the effect it has on the customer. Trust is the foundation of a healthy business relationship, securing a customer’s trust is vital when a breach occurs.

Failure of SLA agreements

Boasting of air tight guarantees around reliability, availability, and performance of cloud computing is a great way to increase market share. However, the aftermath of dealing with unhappy customers is bound to take place with today’s disruptive technology. Don’t make promises you cannot keep.

The advent of the digital age has created new and interesting obstacles in the IT sector. With disruptive technologies, such as cloud computing, the business world must brainstorm to provide dynamic and innovative solutions to their customers. Experts are needed to interpret the shifting trends in technology, provide the solutions to manage SLA agreements, and associated problems. Legal counsel thoroughly in tune with today’s technology can provide the legal assistance required to manage and avoid such breaches.