Personal Injury Lawyers: Why Should You Work With Them?

Being involved in an accident is not an idea most of us would like to entertain. Whether you are in a minor or major accident, looking after yourself during these distressing times should be your only priority. That’s possible when you seek help or get guidance on the merits of your case when thinking of making a personal injury claim. Here’s why you should consider hiring a lawyer for your case.

An Alberta Injury Lawyer Knows What Your Claim is Worth

If you have been a victim of a minor traffic accident and incurred soft tissue injuries, you could see a rise in your compensation award. According to the Minor Injury Regulation, your injuries may allow for an increase in compensation, keeping inflation in mind. Most people do not have an idea when it comes to determining the worth of their claims. Working with an injury lawyer ensures you are up to date with the recent changes in the law and have an accurate value of the claim. Personal injury lawyers bring years of expertise to the table that can be in your favour. For instance, the cap adjustments regarding the types of injuries now allow compensation for soft tissue injuries. Therefore, if an insurance company offers you compensation for an injury that does not take soft tissue injury into account, you can refuse the amount.

Injury Lawyers Understand the Legal Process

Not only is the legal process marred with complex language and jargon, it also has an endless amount of paperwork to get through, especially at a time when you are injured or dealing with the stress of the accident. Getting through this phase requires proper navigation that you can expect from experts. For instance, personal injury lawyers in Alberta can not only help you throughout the process but can be a significant help during appeals. The Minor Injury Regulation now makes it possible to appeal separately for physical and psychological problems. An injury lawyer can help you understand what you are entitled to and help you understand the process.


There are several reasons you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. When making a claim, a person with recent trauma and no legal experience is not a combination you would want to bet your odds on. Hiring an expert from this field not only increases your chances of a fair settlement. It also allows you the much-needed peace of mind and time to heal and feel better.

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