5 Steps To Take After A Car Accident

A car accident is a traumatic incident for every victim that can have long term consequences on their quality of life. A large number of these consequences occur due to the inadequacy of the victim to deal with the legal and the financial consequences of the accident.

The first step to take after an auto accident is getting the necessary medical and legal assistance in order to limit your liability and safeguard your right to compensation. It is highly recommended to seek immediate legal counsel post a car accident if another driver was responsible for the incident. Consulting a lawyer after a car accident can protect you from frivolous lawsuits and ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation for your damages.

Here’s a closer look at what to do after a car accident to help you deal with the incident better:

1) Get Medical Attention

Irrespective of the severity of your injuries, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention post a car accident. The lack of a thorough medical examination after a vehicular collision can lead to the charges of contributory negligence on the part of the victim, reducing their settlement. It is also important to maintain all the records of your medical treatment as these documents are necessary while drafting a legal and insurance claim.

2) Consult a Lawyer

A car accident can have an adverse effect on the physical as well as the mental health of the victim. Hence, it is important to consult a personal injury lawyer directly after a car accident. Referring to an experienced lawyer can help you report the incident to the local police authorities accurately. Your lawyer also ensures that your medical and legal documentation is systematic and comprehensive. This makes sure you receive a fair settlement from your insurance provider or from the other party liable for the accident.

3) Report to the Police

It is crucial to report the accident immediately after the collision. This is an important step as the police can begin their investigation and collect evidence from the scene of the accident only after the report has been filed. Your lawyer can help you file an accurate police report and receive a copy for the same. A copy of this report can be utilised to file an insurance claim and determining the proof of fault and your legal liability in the collision.

4) Collect Details of the Other Party

If there is any other party involved in the accident, keep a record of their names as well as their contact information. Also, make sure you collect other essential information like the details of the car, its make, the license number of the other driver and details on the number plate. Your lawyer may also need to obtain details like name of the insurance carrier of the other driver as well as their policy number. A skilled personal injury lawyer is well-versed in negotiating with the other party’s insurer and can help you obtain a fair settlement.

5) File an Insurance Claim

An auto insurance claim needs to be filed as soon as the incident occurs. An auto insurance claim is a request filed with your insurance provider that compensates you for the damages incurred due to the car accident. To file an effective claim, it is important to submit the required information like the name of the insured person, the date and time of the accident correctly. Consult your lawyer to make sure you complete the application properly.

Keep these steps on what to do after a car accident to ensure you obtain a reasonable compensation. If you have difficulty in understanding these steps, contact a practised law firm to guide you through the process.