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Women’s Rights As An Employee In Ontario

The aggrieved employee can contact the Human Resources department of the respective company or firm

Why You Need Help In Developing Your Company Policy

A company policy makes it easy for you to run the business. It can assist

Why Should You Apply For An Industrial Design?

Many people are aware of copyrights, trademarks and patents. These form the major categories of

Why did The CRA Knock on your Door?

The CRA is known to make comprehensive demands for documents and information to be made

Why Consider forming an LLC instead?

New business owners must be able to decide on the form and structure of business

When Does Hiring A Lawyer For Your Business Matter?

At a glance, it might seem as if you don't need their help at all

What’s The Best Way To End A Business Partnership?

A business partnership is difficult to get through and there is always a chance that

What’s Changed Between Employers And Temporary Staffing Agencies?

The enactment of Bill 18 brought in the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act,

What To Do After My Patent Expires?

A patent is an important asset for any company and needs to be protected in

What It Means To Have A Real Estate Lawyer

The lawyer will spend his time talking with you and discussing the details on the

What Innovative Companies in Canada did Right

These are only a few of the successful small businesses that, through innovation in its

What Foreign Nationals need to Know about Doing Business in Canada

If you incorporate your new company federally, you will need to register your business with

What Are The Different Types Of Corporations From A Tax Perspective?

There are different types of corporations for tax purposes. As a business owner, you have

Understanding C-SOX and its compliance

The Canadian government passed bill 198 on April 7, 2003. This bill helps accomplish the

Understanding Alberta’s Lien Act

Seeking legal advice is the right thing to do as it will ensure that all

Types Of Not-For-Profit Organizations In Canada

Charitable organizations provide services for the public benefit and are based on non profit and

Top Facts About Corporate Lawyers

There is a lot to learn about what corporate lawyers can do for you. Asking

Top 4 Financial Scams in Canada

If you find yourself in the midst of such a case, it is always wise

The Importance of Legal Research in Your Business

When starting with a new business, you will be presented with a wide variety of

The Importance of Insuring Your Commercial Facility

A great insurance plan will provide you with peace of mind. To discuss more about

The Ill-Effects of Spamming Customers – Knowingly or Unknowingly

The government of Canada is doing all it can to reduce spamming and its ill-effects.

The Difference Between Arbitration And Mediation

The arbitrator can be a retired judge, senior lawyer or professional, as required by the

Sole or Joint Custody?

The parents have to sit down and talk about the schedule of when the children

Security And Privacy Concerns Around The Internet Of Things

There is an urgent need to enact a general data security legislation, which will allow

Regulatory requirements for the top 3 industries in Canada

If you are looking for more information on regulations that apply to a new business

Protecting Your Brand Slogans From Misuse

The legislation, applicants will have to furnish the Trademarks Office with evidence to establish the

Lawyer For Small Businesses: Tips On How To Choose The Right One

A good business lawyer who understands the laws of Edmonton concerning businesses should help save

Job Description Of A Business Lawyer

Small business owners need the expertise of small business lawyers. This does not mean, though,

Infographic – Tax Benefits Of Incorporating Your Business

Incorporating of your business if completed correctly, at the right time can help your business

Human Rights at Work

As a business owner, you set a precedent to how your employees will be treated.