What Innovative Companies in Canada did Right

Canada is growing. From its national success stories to its startups to the efficient immigration system, the growth is immense. But as is the case of almost every country, there are some unsung heroes, who are the actual drivers of the economy.

In case of Canada, it is the unassuming businesses. It is these businesses that don’t believe in following rules but on working with more and more clients and penetrating into new markets that deserve the recognition. So, here is a list of those companies that prospered due to their innovative ideas:

1. Purlin J’s Roving Yarn Company

Purlin J’s roving yarn company is a unique mobile yarn truck that, unlike other trucks, sells yarns. The truck that supplies beautiful yarns in Kingston is a common attractions at music festivals, studio tours, markets or retreats.

Secret sauce: The truck

Even though, the main aim of such a truck is to attract knitters, it attracts almost everyone. That is how innovation in terms of operation has helped Purlin J’s roving yarn company.

The truck has not only been successful in generating curiosity among people but has also ensured that everyone who enters the truck, be it knitters or non-knitters, have a good personal shopping experience. When this is added with Joan Sharpe’s (founder) carefully curated selection of luxurious and hand-dyed yarns, this business was assured success.

2. eOLIO

Founded in 2012, eOLIO is an online service provider that specializes in creating professional e-portfolio through a number of tools to enhance their online brand presence.

Secret sauce: Tenacity

Having an innovative idea is important, but the process of building it is what determines the success of the company. Thus, tenacity is the success factor for eOLIO; that when combined with passion, resourcefulness and fearlessness led to the creation of new formula for innovation.

For a firm, eOLIO has a small team, but the founders of eOLIO claim that it is the small team of “fast moving, multi-talented, movers and shakers” that made it such a big success.

3. Changeroo

Changeroo is a one of its kind online portal that mainly deals in used and like-new children’s clothing. While this is a challenging business, Changeroo has been successful in providing its customers high quality, top name brand clothing at low prices. Its products are usually sold for at 75 per cent off the new ticket price in return for store credits. In case the products don’t meet stipulated quality standards, they are donated to charity.

Secret sauce: Understanding customers

Success in online portals in today’s scenario is not easy, but even in such demanding situations Changeroo has been prosperous. It is because they understood what the customers needed – “Closets don’t grow – kids do”. Not only does Changeroo accept used clothes but also ensures that its customers don’t feel neglected. They do this by providing their clients with store credits, which can be used to revamp wardrobes.

4. Small jobs plumbing

Within one year of it being established, Small jobs plumbing has earned a prestige of providing quality services at affordable prices. Besides creating a niche for itself among households, Small jobs plumbing has also been successful in getting business from big companies like Home Depot, Sears and Future Shop.

Secret sauce: Tapping into unexploited markets

Canada has plenty of plumbing companies that provide services to both individuals and commercial institutions, but what makes Small jobs plumbing successful is the fact that they identified the type of work their competitors wouldn’t do.

The fact that this company is majorly a women-run company makes it even more successful. This is because most of the times, plumbing arrangements are made by women and they appreciate having women come over to fix their plumbing problems. Low rates further provide Small jobs plumbing company a competitive edge.

5. Trace associates

Trace is a boutique employee-owned environmental science and consulting company, which started off in a one-room office in Calgary with only two employees. Today, it has about 60 employees spread across in 4 locations in Canada.

Secret sauce: Employee culture

Trace completely dedicates its success to the ‘trace family’ – its employees.

Their innovation lies in the way they handle their employees. They believe in maintaining a transparent, supportive, and engaging work environment, where every success is a party and every failure is a motivation to do better.

These are only a few of the successful small businesses that, through innovation in its process, products and operations have created history for themselves.

So, would-be entrepreneurs, take note: its not all about the idea, it is also about how you execute it. Know of any more innovative companies? Be sure to let us know!

Image Credits – Purlin J’s Roving Yarn Company