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Why Consider forming an LLC instead?

New business owners must be able to decide on the form and structure of business

Where To Find A Lawyer In Canada

Starting their small business, it is best to get your lawyer for a paralegal directory.

What’s Changed Between Employers And Temporary Staffing Agencies?

The enactment of Bill 18 brought in the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act,

What You Need To Know When Exiting Your Business

In the case of a corporation, it is vital that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is

What You Need To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Business Lawyer

Hire a business lawyer is more important for your bussiness, no business is too small

What You Gain From Hiring A Business Lawyer

A business lawyer will always have their legal expertise to offer. They become your friend

What You Become Because Of Business

Running your own business can be tough, some of the things that you become when

What To Expect From Your Business Lawyer

Seek their advice to help you through decision-making processes. There is a wealth of information

What To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Business Lawyer

Having a good lawyer to help you run your business will not only keep you

4 Ways Of Resolving Internal Disputes In Your Business

If you are having trouble implementing these procedures accurately, book an appointment with our legal

Top Five Reasons To Start Your Business Today

The top five reasons why you should start that business today are job security, network

Three Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Business Tax

The structure of your business plays a huge role in the taxes that you pay

5 Things To Know About Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy choice but it does help you in resolving

The Difference Between Arbitration And Mediation

The arbitrator can be a retired judge, senior lawyer or professional, as required by the

5 Steps to Take if your NDA is Violated

An experienced litigation lawyer can help you understand the ground for some lawsuits better. Contact

Steps To Hire Employees For Your Business

Every employer must know what he is looking for in the employee he intends to

4 Reasons you need a Shareholder Buyout Agreement

A skilled law firm can help you navigate through the alternations in your shareholder policies

5 Mistakes Businesses Make While Drafting their Bylaws

Here are some of the most common bylaws mistakes that companies make. Consulting a practised

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for a Business Loan

Here we are sharing 5 business loan application mistakes that must be avoided to secure

Legal Tips For New Business Owners

The months you spent preparing your big business idea has been tiresome, but all will

5 Legal Mistakes Not-for-Profit Organisations Make

Book a consultation with our firm today to learn about legal mistakes that not-for-profits organization

4 Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs can Easily Avoid

We, at Prowse Chowne, understand the common legal mistakes made by startups. Our team of

Legal Issues Associated with the Integration of Social Media into Business

Keep these tips in mind while including online marketing tools into your business plan and

Key Elements of a Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDAs can help your business protect several entities such as trade secrets, schematics for a

6 Things to Keep in Mind While Drafting Consulting Agreements

Small businesses and start-ups form a big part of the Canadian economy, comprising of over 98% of

Infographic – Tax Benefits Of Incorporating Your Business

Incorporating of your business if completed correctly, at the right time can help your business

Infographic – How To Protect Your Business From Liabilities

Payouts from legal claims can bankrupt even large businesses. They also harm your company's reputation

How To Start Your Own Business

it is important that you understand everything legal about it. Without a good business lawyer

How To Penetrate The Market: A 3-Step Guide

their aim to achieve speed and accuracy in delivering their business message across, these two

How To Manage Your Employees On Their First Day

Most employees who arrive for the first day at work are very eager to see