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You Have Been Sued By Customer What To Do Next?

Most insurance policies require you to provide your insurance companies with a prompt notice related

Why Should You Apply For An Industrial Design?

Many people are aware of copyrights, trademarks and patents. These form the major categories of

Using Your Competitor’s IP to Enhance Your SEO

Using your competitor's IP (such as brand name or slogan) to enhance your SEO is

Tort Law 101: Definition And Types

If you seek remuneration for any of the above offences, it is recommended to hire

Technology Platform Licensing – What Is It?

If you are looking forward to protect your software from any kind of infringement, then

Process of LEED Certification in Canada

If you receive an affirmative decision, then your building is LEED certified. If the decision

Managing Sweat Equity in Your Enterprise

Prowse Chowne LLP's team consists of experienced Lawyers and Paralegals, who will work with you

Know your Maternity Related Employment Rights

A maternity leave is a right that every working woman is entitled to and the

How Much Competition is too Much?

The act, which is set out in a single federal statute outlines several rules and

How Does The Invalidation Of EU-US Safe Harbour Affect Canada?

The decision related to the European Union's (EU) safe harbour structure for cross-border data transfers

How Do Royalties Work In Canada?

A royalty is a payment made to the owner of an asset, by a licensee.

Gun Control: Canada vs USA

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course will vary depending on which firearm class you want to

Does IP Matter To Your Business?

Your intellectual property helps you stand out from your competitors. A strategic use of your

Dealing With Online Defamation

The definition of defamation is a statement that damages a person's reputation. Defamation can affect

Crops and law: The corporate food cycle

we will take a look at the farm business structure in Canada and try to

Challenges for Foreign Students in Canada in 2015

Foreign national students in Canada face a lot of challenges when it comes to adjusting

Are You A Victim Of A Patent Or Trademark Scam?

The trademark law has been very influential for Canada, as it has helped many businesses

6 Steps to Start a Charity

Prowse Chowne LLP is involved in not-for-profit corporation & charities as advisors and directors, being