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7 Things you Should Include in an Employment Contract

If you are a new business seeking new hires, then these employment contract basics will

Women’s Rights As An Employee In Ontario

The aggrieved employee can contact the Human Resources department of the respective company or firm

Women’s Rights As An Employee In Alberta

Every territory in Canada has its own set of rules regarding the security of the

What to Do With an Employee Who is AWOL?

Managers and entrepreneurs have a hard time keeping track of employees and getting them to

Rules on the Termination of Employment

In the Employment Standards Code of Edmonton, a notice of termination is not always necessary.

New Rules For Exporting Produce To The US

The horticultural industry leaders of Canada are poring over documents that have been issued by

Know your Maternity Related Employment Rights

A maternity leave is a right that every working woman is entitled to and the

Hiring Employees: What Your Business Lawyer Wants You To Know

If you are a products-based business, a few employees may be enough, though more may

Employment Standards in Alberta

Eemployee relationship is vital to the success of the organisation. Ensure you follow all the

Edmonton Labor Code: On Leave and Vacations

This employment requirement is intended to ensure that all employees can rest from their work

Edmonton Employee Rights

The amount of remuneration that one received based on the quantity of work rendered, the

Don’t Ignore Employment Insurance

Employment insurance is a very beneficial service, so make sure you avail of it and

Compliance in Alberta

Alberta is a part of the competitive global market economy. Complying with all the laws

7 Things You Need To Know When Becoming a Franchisee

You run on the success of the brand, tap into an already well-aware market and

3 Mining Trends for 2015 and Their Legal Implications

The new trends emerging in the mining sector in 2015 come with legal implications. Mostly,