Edmonton Employee Rights

Every employee, they say, has the right for just compensation. And yet they deserve more than just good pay for their hard work and dedication to further improve the company. Before you jump on the wagon of full-time employment, here is a quick preview of what your role will be and what your rights are.

What is an employee?

An employee is a person who renders work and gets paid for it. The payment they receive for the work completed is called wage or salary. The amount of remuneration that one received based on the quantity of work rendered, the expertise and the position that the employee holds in the company. The salary of the employee is also stipulated in the employment contract that the employee signed when he got hired to join the company.

Not everyone who works for the money is called an employee. Sometimes, they may be referred to as independent contractors to perform a particular type of service for a price. It is important that you recognize which of these two categories you belong to – employee or contractor – so that you may manage your expectations.

What are my employee rights?

Here are some facts about employee rights that you should know:

Fact 1: The Employment Standards Code of Edmonton ensures that all staff has some minimum rights. These rights cannot be waived even if there is an agreement between the employer and the employee.

Fact 2: Employees may have more rights that those stipulated in the Employment Standards Code of Edmonton, but any agreement that will contain fewer rights than those required by law will be void.

Fact 3: Every type of job requires a different set of minimum employment requirements. Those in the construction industry may be under certain regulations that apply specifically to them. In example: those under the construction sector might not receive vacation with pay or that the employers are not required to give notice of employment termination.

Fact 4: All employees in Edmonton must be given the prescribed minimum wage for each job or higher.

Fact 5: All employees are entitled to receive an overtime time for working extra hours outside.

The employer and the employee should agree with all the facts stated above. The employee shall then enforce those rights over the duration of the contract. Before accepting employment, it is best that you put into writing all your agreement. This is to ensure that all your rights are protected under the bounds of the law.