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What Rights Do You Have As A Tenant In Ontario?

Tenants in Ontario are protected by the Residential Tenants Act (RTA). This Act ensures that

What Rights Do You Have As A Tenant In Alberta?

This is an agreement signed between the landlord and the tenant regarding the fixed term,

What does Edmonton’s City Council think of Uber?

Embroiled in a legal battle with the city of Edmonton, the city alleged that Uber

Top 5 Law Schools in Canada

Canada is known to have some of the most reputable law schools in the world.

Should Your Company Offer ESOPs?

One of the greatest challenges your startup or small business faces is employee retention. Due

Managing Sweat Equity in Your Enterprise

Prowse Chowne LLP's team consists of experienced Lawyers and Paralegals, who will work with you

Managing Cloud Computing SLA Failures

Cloud computing in particular is dealing with a host of such breaches. Privacy among others

Legal Issues Surrounding the Mobile Parking App

Under the Municipal Government Act, cities are permitted to draw up and enforce bylaws in

Insurance for Your Business – What’s Covered and What’s Not

Here you can get advice from an insurance broker who is familiar with your type

Import into Canada The Right Way

If you are planning to start an import business and would like to have a

How to Become A Lawyer in Canada?

Law can be a very demanding profession. The practitioners of law are expected to enter

Edmonton Paralegal

What every family paralegal in Edmonton does is to ensure that the meeting between parties

Don’t Ignore Employment Insurance

Employment insurance is a very beneficial service, so make sure you avail of it and

Do I Need Bylaws For My Company?

They are the operational blueprint that ensure smooth functioning. Bylaws have no impact in the

Compliance in Alberta

Alberta is a part of the competitive global market economy. Complying with all the laws

Canada’s Keystone Pipeline Fights The Legislative Battle

Get the legal advice from Edmonton's lawyer. Ask a legal question to Canada's keystone pipeline

8 Acts and Regulations Affecting Oil Sands Industry in Alberta

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement act sets out the rules to support and promote protection.

6 Steps to Start a Charity

Prowse Chowne LLP is involved in not-for-profit corporation & charities as advisors and directors, being

3 Mining Trends for 2015 and Their Legal Implications

The new trends emerging in the mining sector in 2015 come with legal implications. Mostly,