Tax Benefits Of Incorporating Your Business

On an average, Canadians pay about 16.4% of their total earnings as income tax. This amount can account up to 5,600 dollars for all standard enterprises. Therefore, most business owners, young and advanced, consistently look for more proficient ways to plan and manage their taxes. Incorporating your organisation at the appropriate time can be an effective way of managing your corporate taxes.

Companies operating in this country are incorporated under the Canada Business Corporation Act federally and Business Corporation Act provincially for the region of Alberta. Incorporating your business essentially means enlisting your company under the laws of incorporation defined by your province of operation. Incorporation establishes a business as a legal entity separate from its proprietor which can aid in the management of its taxes.

Here’s a closer look at the tax benefits of incorporating your company:

1) Limited Liability

As mentioned previously, incorporation establishes a company as a separate functioning enterprise. This means an incorporated business in Canada has the same privileges as a Natural person. Hence, an enlisted business is eligible to apply for loans, hold assets and file for taxes. As the corporate tax rates in the country are usually lower than personal income tax rates, businesses can save a significant amount on taxes if they incorporate timely.

2) Raised Profitability

It is crucial for new or young companies to incorporate at the opportune moment. This is because it is usually inevitable for new businesses to not incur losses or not earn sufficiently in its early years of establishment. Incorporating your company at this nascent stage can have adverse effects on its tax management as these losses are applied against future income.

On the other hand, incorporating at the right time, which is when your business breaks-even, can help you save on taxes. Consult an experienced corporate lawyer while establishing your organisation to make this process easier and more precise for your business.

3) Income Splitting

Income splitting is one of the key tax benefits of incorporating your organisation. To optimise your tax returns you can enlist the members of your family as employees of the business. This allows the organisation to deduct the amount of money it pays your spouse or children as an expense. Also, the tax rate on this expense is evaluated as a personal income which is significantly lower than the tax rate for the owner of the business. You can also register the members of your family as shareholders in the company and pay them dividends to diversify your tax returns.

4) Small Business Deduction

Organisations which are controlled and managed by professional Canadian residents and are registered as Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC). CCPCs are eligible for tax benefits called Small Business Deductions under the federal law. These tax rates are reduced to a 10.5% which is significantly lower than the normal corporate tax rate.

5) Ease of Exit

One of the major tax benefits of incorporating your organisation comes into effect when you decide to close or sell your business. As the corporation is defined as an entity separate from the owner, the proprietor can protect her assets against debts or liabilities incurred by the organisation. This helps you secure your private assets and make a successful sale of the entity.

Incorporating of your business if completed correctly, at the right time can help your business grow significantly. Consult a skilled law firm today to ensure your articles of incorporation are filed accurately.