Things to Remember After Being Fired from Your Company

Everyone who has ever experienced losing a job knows how difficult it is to recover from unemployment. Whether it was a short or long period, you would still be affected. You will need to look for a new job right away or risk losing precious time.

Besides not having a consistent income, you won’t get to see your colleagues that have become your friends every day anymore. A job loss can even end up putting an impact on your sense of purpose, especially if it’s a position you learned to love over time.

No matter the reason for being laid off, you must keep your head held high because there are still opportunities out there you have yet to discover. Thus, during your last few moments in the office, you need to know what to do to help make your final days bearable. Keep reading below to find out tips on going through losing a job with grace.

Remain Calm and Composed

When facing a job dismissal, you should refrain from acting out and refusing the decision because, by then, you can’t change your boss’s mind. After all, they’ve already thought about it beforehand. Most people who get fired cannot persuade their company to take them back, and making a scene about it will only prolong your agony. However, you do need to confirm whether the termination is with or without cause.

In addition, the employer may give the employee notice of temporary layoff for up to 90 days if unrelated to COVID-19 and 180 days if it is related. Temporary layoff notice must be provided to the employee before the layoff start. You can apply for employment insurance (EI), but are not entitled to receive severance. Further, the employer may recall the employees during temporary layoff. If you lash out at the management and make your last few days unbearable for the entire organization, you may give the employer proper reasons to terminate you with cause and lose severance pay under statute and common law.

Be Respectful About the Decision

Once you get called in to discuss your termination, remember to be polite and learn to write down notes if you’re allowed to do so. After they tell you everything you need to know, it will help to take your time absorbing what happened and possibly talk to a lawyer for legal advice.

Failing to go over your options could put you in a complicated setup, especially since your career is on the line. It’s essential to keep a copy of your employment contract, which you should have received before you began working for them, to review it during the meeting.

Avoid Speaking Ill about Your Job

No matter how angry or hurt you are about your company’s decision to let you go, you should never let your emotions get the best of you. It should never come to the point where you start talking bad about them out in the open, whether to your friends or on social media.

While your only intention is to release pent-up stress for losing a job, the word could reach your old company and affect your relationship with your co-workers. Furthermore, the employer may sue you for defamation or breach of confidentiality, if such duty is a part of your employment agreement. In fact, if you still have a severance package you’re waiting to receive, you might end up saying goodbye to it or give them a reason to call a litigation lawyer to file a case against you.


It’s truly never easy to face a job loss you’re unprepared for because you’re experiencing displacement or the management decided to let you go due to other reasons. No matter the case, you should try your best to remain calm and composed, respect their decision, and avoid talking bad about your job. If you think your company’s decision is unjust, you should speak to an employment and labour lawyer to receive professional advice and guidance.

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