3 Reasons to Register Your Canadian Business Trademark

Registering a trademark for your business in Canada can provide plenty of lucrative privileges that you can enjoy. It can also assist you in building a strong and competitive edge against your competitors, both locally and globally. But what exactly can you look forward to when you get your business name and logos trademarked in Canada?

This article will discuss the trademark privileges that are provided by Canadian law through registering a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The rules regarding Canadian trademarks are dictated by the Trademarks Act and the Trademark Rules. Could your business benefit from a registered trademark in Canada?

– 10-Year Nationwide Protection and Exclusive Use of a Trademark

A Canadian trademark is registered for a ten year period, after which your business will have to pay a renewal fee to maintain the registration. The renewal fee is due every 10 years. A registered trademark can be used to help establish a positive reputation for your business and set you apart from your competitors. You also have the ability to expand your business through licensing and franchising.

For example, let’s say you trademarked a cartoon character for children that you designed for your brand in association with a card game. Later on, you recognize that your trademark could hold value in other areas, such as retail clothing. Expanding your use and creating partnerships can open many opportunities for your business.

When your business name and logo are trademarked, you have the ability to enforce your protection through infringement suits where necessary. Your registered trademark can also prevent others from registering similar trademarks in relation to the same or similar goods and services.

– Lucrative Online Presence Through Unique Domain Name Ownership

One way to be permitted to obtain a .ca domain name is through registering a trademark in Canada. This can be of particular importance for non-Canadian corporations who may not otherwise qualify for a .ca domain. A .ca domain can be beneficial for a business in Canada. Increasing visibility and website traffic may assist in global expansion of your brand.

– Priority in Applying for Trademarks in Other Countries

When you file a trademark application in Canada, it can make it easier to file corresponding applications in other parts of the world such as the United States and Europe. This can be beneficial if you make a decision to expand your business into other countries. The Paris Convention allows Canadian applicants to claim the benefit of priority in relation to later filed applications in other countries under specific circumstances.


Registered trademarks can be valuable business assets. Trademarking names, logos and slogans in relation to the goods and services your business offers in Canada can offer many benefits to growth and competitiveness in the market. Consider these benefits when determining if trademarking is right for your business.

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