9 Tips To Win Your Child Custody Battle

A divorce is a challenging process for anyone to go through. But, if the process includes an ugly child custody battle as well, things tend to get complicated. We understand that as a parent you would be undergoing immense pressure to win the legal custody of your child. However, this should not stop you from trying your best to ensure that the court’s decision in your favor. With the help of a reputed family law firm Edmonton, you will be able to put up a strong fight with dignity and make sure that you obtain the custody of your child. Here are a few key tips to ensure you win your child’s custody battle:

1) Understand the Family Law

Before you file for custody, make sure you educate yourself about the Family Law in Alberta. This will help you stay better prepared for any counterclaims arising from your spouse in court.

2) Avoid a Legal Battle if Possible

The best solution for obtaining the custody of your child smoothly is to always try and avoid getting into a legal battle. If you can amicably decide and come to a consensus regarding the custody, it would spare you and your ex from spending huge amounts on litigation and the stress of a child custody battle.

3) Cooperate with your Ex-spouse

No matter how bad the situation, see to it that you are at least on talking terms with your ex-partner. This will help you decide on the type of custody you want to opt for. This also improves your case and preserves your reputation in front of the court.

4) Understand the Importance of Perception

You might be the perfect parent for your child, but, if the court does not believe it, then you stand the risk of losing your case. Make sure you exhibit proper courtroom etiquette.

5) Opt for an Experienced Child Custody Lawyer

An experienced lawyer will be well-versed with child custody cases. He/she will be in a better position to come up with strategies to win the case.

6) Avoid the Usage of Intoxicants Entirely

You certainly do not want the court to believe that you are unfit to bring up your child. So, see to it that you stop using all kinds of intoxicants which can tarnish your image as a good parent.

7) Stay True to yourself and the Court

We understand that you want to keep your child and be responsible for his/her upbringing but this should not come at the cost of your integrity. Presenting false information to the authorities can not only harm your case but damage your reputation irreparably.

8) Consider the Best Interests of the Child

While considering filing for child custody, think about the best interests of your child. You might love your child endlessly, but if you are not financially stable, then you need to reconsider your decision.

9) Get your Documentation in Place

The court will consider all the documentation from you and your ex-spouse. Hence, you should prepare all the required documents prior to submission to the court.

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