4 Types Of Medical Negligence

When you go for a medical treatment, you entrust your life in the hand of your doctor. There’s a certain amount of trust, money and time that is invest in the medical facility and the practitioners involved. Under such circumstances, medical negligence or medical malpractice can be disastrous. And if you were to encounter something like that you should be aware of the laws related to medical negligence to get retribution. In Canada, under the personal injury law, there are a number of clauses which state the classification of medical negligence. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1) Negligence in Attending to the Patient

One of the common medical malpractices is negligence. And, there are different types of medical negligence for which you can sue your medical practitioner. One of them is failing to attend to the patients. If your doctor fails to attend to you or your loved one in time and it ends up having long-term consequences for you, then the hospital is liable under the doctrines of vicarious liability or direct liability.

2) Failure in Diagnosis

If your doctor fails to diagnose the illness you are suffering from or ends up making a wrong diagnosis, then you should consider pursuing a medical malpractice claim against your doctor. Failure in diagnosis can be fatal as the patient will not receive the required medical treatment in time and can even end up losing his/her life.

3) Providing Low-grade Treatment

When you pay a fortune to doctors and hospitals, you inadvertently expect the best treatment and medical care to be provided to you. But instead, if you get served with a sub-standard quality of treatment, you can have a tough time recovering from your injury. Substandard treatment basically means when a doctor provides you with medical treatment which is subpar in comparison to other medical practitioners. In such cases, you can sue your hospital or your medical practitioner and claim for compensation.

4) Negligence in Providing Care

Quite often we hear terrifying tales of medical instruments being left inside the patient after the surgery is completed. This is a case of medical negligence in providing care. Errors during surgeries, post child deliveries, administration of anesthesia and other medical procedures are all considered to be negligence in providing proper medical care. If you were to face similar issues, you can file a case against the medical institution concerned and claim for compensation.

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