5 Types Of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury is a legal term which comprises of any kind of harm or distress inflicted on an individual by another person causing the victim emotional, psychological or physical damage. These injuries can be sustained due to a car accident or while performing regular activities such as walking in the park which leads to a slip and fall accident. Personal injuries have an adverse effect on a victim’s wellbeing and can have long term consequences on an individual’s quality of life.

According to a report compiled by the Globe and Mail, these injuries claim over 13,667 lives in Canada every year and lead to the expenditure of 19.8 million dollars on medical costs and litigation fees. Hence, it is crucial for victims of personal injuries to be able to negotiate a sound settlement for their damages. Understanding the type of your injury claim and your liabilities in the accident with the help of a legal counsel can help you receive a decent compensation.

Here’s a closer look at the most common personal injury claims for a finer understanding:

1) Motor Vehicular Collisions

A Motor Vehicular Collision (MVC) is the most common type of personal injury. Accidents involving the collision of a bus, car, truck or motorcycle with another vehicle or pedestrian are classified as MVCs.

Determining the legal liability in a MVC can be complex as it depends on a number of factors including the police records, the common law violations and the violations of the provincial driving code. Consulting a skilled personal injury can help you define your liabilities carefully and negotiate an equitable settlement.

2) Negligence and Public Liability

Negligence and public liabilities are one of the most common personal injury claims. These injuries usually occur in a public area and are the responsibility of a public or a corporate organisation. The lack of a safety sign over a wet pavement or failure to comply with the province’s construction codes that leads to a slip and fall accident is usually classified as a negligence claim. It is important to consult a personal injury lawyer post such incidents to make sure you don’t get stacked with unnecessary paperwork and receive a satisfactory compensation for your damages.

3) Occupational Injuries

Workplace injuries are accidents that usually occur due to the negligence of the employer or the business owner. Most occupational injuries occur due to the lack of compliance with the official workplace safety codes, essential to provide a secure working environment for the employees. Depending on the severity of injuries and the contributory negligence of the victim, the compensation for these claims can be determined accurately.

4) Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice or negligence occurs when the healthcare professionals responsible for your injuries or wellbeing fail to provide the standard of care payable to you. Failure to provide the necessary first aid or the usage of faulty equipment or drugs past the expiration date are common examples of medical negligence.

5) Assault

An assault occurs when an individual establishes physical contact with another person without their consent with an intention to do harm. Domestic violence and stalking are common examples of assaults that need to be reported immediately. An experienced injury lawyer can help you press charges after an assault and assure your safety.

Filing and resolving a personal injury claim can be a taxing procedure for every victim. Consult a practised law firm to make this process easier for you and your family.