Using the Corporations Canada Site

Corporations Canada (CC) is Canada’s federal regulator, which offers a number of services and information that help you create and maintain a corporation, under the federal laws governing corporations in Canada. It serves the needs of different categories of businesses and people through a number of services. Here are some points that will explain how Corporations Canada helps people:

1. In incorporating businesses

Depending on the type of business you are dealing in, there are a number of steps to be completed. For example, if you are starting a not-for-profit organization, there is an 8-step incorporation process that is available online. The process involves providing a corporate name, documents on articles of incorporation, an extra-provincial registration, reminder notices and registered office and directors, which needs to be signed and presented along with other corporate records. A similar 8-step process is also available for business corporations.

2. In searching federal corporations

Corporations Canada also helps people find specific corporations either through their corporation name, number or business number (BN). It has a large database of corporations from different governing legislations, which helps it identify corporations on the basis of its name or number. A more refined search is also possible through an additional search option, where details of registered office, governing legislations and corporate status are required.

3. In filing annual returns

For firms that are incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act, it is mandatory to file annual returns with Corporations Canada, either through its online filing centre or form-22 – annual returns.

Like the Canadian immigration site, Corporations Canada is a highly informative and useful site that answers a wide range of questions arising in the minds of people. Not only does it act as a reliable source of information but it also provides readers with the means to act upon it.

For example, if you need to find a federal corporation, the online filing center provides a search tool in the page itself. Hence, if used efficiently, Corporations Canada can provide solutions to all the general questions occurring in one’s mind. If you have more specific questions, contact us.