What Right Do You Have As A Tenant In Quebec?

A tenant in Quebec is known as a lessee. Landlords in Quebec lease out their rental property. The regulatory body in Quebec that safeguards a lessee’s rights is known as Régie du logement. These are the rights provided to lessees in Quebec:


Lessees in Quebec do not have to pay a deposit for any kind of damages, to their landlords. Landlords are further prohibited from asking for any rent other than the one month rent.

Period, payment and renewal of lease

Quebec follows day to day, week to week, or month to month lease payments as per the agreements made between the landlord and the lessee. A lease is automatically renewed once the period is over unless the landlord furnishes a notice, in prior. For lease periods less than a period of twelve months, the landlord needs to provide a one-month notice to the lessee. For a lease periods exceeding twelve months, the landlord must provide a minimum three-month notice or a maximum six-month notice.

Landlords cannot

Landlords are not permitted to request payments made through post dated checks. Landlords cannot ask for payment for key to rental property. They cannot change the form or destination of the dwelling. The landlord cannot impose unreasonable conditions on the lessee, regarding issues such as pregnancy, pets, noise pollution, smoking unless explicitly mentioned in the lease. Change in locks of the rental property cannot be done without the lessee agreeing to it.

Landlords must

On the agreed date, the landlord must provide the property in a good state of repair, habitable condition, and clean state. Landlords must also make sure all the necessary repairs are made. Failing to fulfill these obligations, the lessee is allowed to reduction in the rent, if the court grants it. A tenant can apply to court to be in charge of repairs in case the landlord is unable to fulfill his duties.

Rent increases

Any rent increase within the twelve month period of the lease is invalid, regardless if the duration of the lease is longer or shorter than twelve months. Lessees under a lease that has a clause for readjustment of rent may appeal in court. Rent can be increased for new tenants only if the landlord furnishes rent payments for the last twelve months.

Landlord entry

The lessee may deny landlord access to the apartment before 7 A.M. and after 7 P.M. unless it constitutes an emergency. In other cases, the landlord must present a 24-hour notice to the lessee before entering the apartment. If the notice is provided, the landlord may enter the apartment when the lessee is not there.

Any disputes between lessee and landlord are settled by the Régie du logement. If grievances are not suitably resolved, please get legal help.