When Is It Time To Get A Second Legal Opinion?

When is it time to get a second legal opinion? This question arises especially when you don’t have an already well-established relationship with a law firm or a lawyer. Let us then assume that you have had limited experience with law firms or the legal system in general, and your existing association with your lawyer doesn’t seem promising enough. It’s a difficult position – on one hand, you’re supposed to trust your legal team, and on the other hand, the association hasn’t been a success, and you have a variety of questions about the quality of your legal representation. In such a scenario, it’s time to ask you a set of questions. The answer to these questions will determine the legitimacy of your need for a second opinion.

“Am I in Good Hands?”

You doubt the quality of your legal representation, and this uncertainty arises because your lawyer hasn’t satisfied you with their legal acumen. The primary reason for this displeasure could be a lack of progress made towards bringing your case to an eventual end. However, it’s important to not rush to this conclusion, the legal system is complicated and expecting instantaneous results is expecting too much, too soon. For your own peace of mind, approach an alternate law firm just to see if their ‘solution’ to the case is in line with that of your existing lawyer.

“Does the Law Firm Have My Best Interests?”

This is a common suspicion that clients tend to have, and in the case of those who have had limited exposure, this line of thinking is understandable. It is not a case of not trusting the quality of your legal representation; it’s about distrusting their priorities. If the association yields no substantial results and yet consistently drains your financial resources, a second opinion is in order. The second opinion also gives you a chance to make a valid comparison of the price range of your existing law firm and the new law firm. The comparison helps you extinguish your existing doubts.

“Is this the Best Course of Action?”

This is a question that arises when you sense that:

  • the law firm representing you isn’t quite sure about their decision-making,
  • the law firm you’re associated with isn’t familiar with a particular area of practice and that’s evident from the answers you receive from the them,
  • they show a lack of strategies that could take you across the line.

Why bother with a second opinion, in such cases? Bother with a second opinion to see if the other law firm also offers a similar strategy as a solution to your case.

As a matter of fact, certain law firms encourage a second opinion for the sake of the peace of mind of their client; it’s for proving to their client that the course of action the law firm insists upon is the sensible course of action. A quality law firm that is secure about its working wouldn’t mind their client seeking a second opinion, and this speaks of professionalism.