Why Mediation Is A Good Choice For Small Businesses

It is not always the large corporations that need to be part of a litigation to resolve a crisis. Small businesses too, often find themselves privy to a legal quarrel against a rival firm, a business partner, an individual customer or an entity. Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method which is usually utilized to resolve these conflicts.

Mediation involves consultation with a neutral entity that oversees the attempts at negotiation for both the parties. It is a method ideally suited for resolving conflicts for small businesses because smaller enterprises usually don’t have the legal expertise and financial resources to be a part of a protracted legal action. It is for this reason that the small businesses have to think twice before entering the office of a litigation attorney in Edmonton. Here are a few more reasons why we believe you should consider mediation:

Limited Resources

As we stated above, unlike large corporations, small businesses don’t have the expertise of their in-house legal department, availability of financial resources and the access to the services of a professional public relations firm. Entering into a legal battle through the traditional means such as litigation can be an expensive affair for small business because of the unforeseen costs and unpredictable outcomes associated with legal actions. Mediation, in comparison, is a reasonably cost-efficient method to resolve the conflict. Also, you share the costs of mediation services with the other party involved, minimizing the legal fees considerably.


Litigations can be really protracted as the parties involved usually don’t have much authority over when the proceedings would take place. One has no option but to follow the court orders, regardless of the nature of your services. In comparison to litigation, you have a reasonable amount of control over the date and the time that the meetings for mediation are going to take place. This is precisely the reason why most attorneys in Edmonton recommend this option to small businesses.


Proceedings of a courtroom are a part of the public sphere, and one cannot prevent the disclosure of the nature of dispute which is taking place during a litigation. This could have a negative impact on your public image. Mediation is a different matter altogether in this regard. Absolute privacy of the proceedings is guaranteed which ensures that potentially sensitive information would remain private.

Less Risk

A court battle is an unpredictable predicament and there is not much assurance regarding the outcome. This puts your business’ interests in jeopardy. Mediation is an extension of a negotiation, overseen by a respected entity. This substantially increases the likelihood of a positive outcome for both the parties. Losing a legal action could have severe consequences for a small business, and mediation is a much more secure option.

These were a few key reasons why attorneys in Edmonton and respected law firms such as Prowse Chowne recommend mediation. Prowse Chowne, a reputable law firm also provides businesses access to other alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration. Our team is capable of handling legal disputes regardless of their magnitude and the method of resolution selected.