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Women’s Rights As An Employee In Alberta

Every territory in Canada has its own set of rules regarding the security of the

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A business partnership is difficult to get through and there is always a chance that

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Textbook knowledge may be of help, but without the constant exposure to the actual legal

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A patent is an important asset for any company and needs to be protected in

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Some couples fight over child custody while others find settlement after a few meetings. The

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Medical malpractice insurance is a coverage that is applied when a certified medical practitioner is

What is Grant of Probate?

If the deceased has all the assets in his name, then the holder of the

Understanding C-SOX and its compliance

The Canadian government passed bill 198 on April 7, 2003. This bill helps accomplish the

Types Of Domestic Violence

Most divorce lawyers are experts in handling cases that involved several types of domestic violence.

9 Tips To Win Your Child Custody Battle

If you are on the lookout for a family law firm Edmonton, then get in

The Impact Of Canada’s New Cabinet To Business

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party of Canada won with a majority in the 338 Seat-Parliament. This

4 Steps To Deal With Child Abuse In Canada

Contact our legal experts to know more about cases regarding child abuse and ways a

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Hiring a lawyer for your business can be a daunting task, especially when you haven't

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One of the greatest challenges your startup or small business faces is employee retention. Due

Qualities Every Good Lawyer Should Have

every client looking for an agent would want someone who is excellent. But how can

Payroll Must Do’s For The CRA

An important part of payroll compliance is understanding the appropriate deduction along with the remittances,

Payment Options: Should I Ask The Lawyer About It?

To be honest about how much you can afford to pay. You'd be surprised at

New Rules For Exporting Produce To The US

The horticultural industry leaders of Canada are poring over documents that have been issued by

New Regulations for Sponsored Spouses and Partners

The government of Canada has recently made changes to its immigration policy regarding spousal sponsorship.

New Compliance Penalties For Employers

Canadian employers found violating the rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and International

Law Firms: Benefits Of Working With A Team Of Lawyers

The idea of working with a lawyer from a big law firm would open your

Investing In Canada: Guidelines To Help You Start

Investors will also find strategic investments in terms of education, training and literacy along with

How to Protect Yourself When doing Business on The Cloud?

One of the more important questions that businesses have started asking themselves is what they

How Do Royalties Work In Canada?

A royalty is a payment made to the owner of an asset, by a licensee.

Health Coverage Outside Canada For Albertans

Albertans who need medical services outside Canada can be compensated by their Albertan Heath Care

Expand your Trucking Company to Another Province

If your trucking business is growing beyond its home province, there are a few legal

Edmonton Paralegal

What every family paralegal in Edmonton does is to ensure that the meeting between parties

Domestic Violence: When Is It Time To Say It’s Enough!

Every experienced family lawyer would often advise their clients to seek professional help, so they

Difference Between Registered and Unregistered Trademarks

Trademarks can be considered a combination or amalgamation of two or more combinations that could

Dealing With Debt After Divorce

To know more about dealing with debt, we recommend you consult an experienced divorce attorney