What Parenting Type Are You?

How long should each parent spend time with his or her child? Every parent would want to spend as much time with their kid as much as they could. However, when couples are in the middle of a divorce, it can be quite tough thinking how much time one would be given to be with their kids.

Not all parents are the same. When it comes to parenting time, the different kinds are usually distinguished.

Primary Parenting – this is the parenting wherein one parent takes care of the child. Either the mother or the father takes responsibility in raising the child at least for the 60% of the whole year. The children live with only one parent. Usually, this is agreed upon by the couple during the discussion of the separation.

However, for couples who simply could not meet half way, the court, then, releases a Parenting Order. The Order will state to whom the child will stay most of the time. The other parent, who was not given the Primary Parenting Right, will be paid specified visitation times.

Shared parenting – Shared residence or shared parenting is all about couples given the same amount of parenting time. They will then decide when the kids will be staying one and when they would be moving houses remain with the other.

Shared parenting can be quite complicated, but it is what parents want. Sometimes, couples who have been granted shared parenting decide where the kids will be staying for most of the year. And then they move to the other parent for the rest of the year. Expenses concerning the kids are equally divided among parents too.

Split Parenting – Split parenting is all about each parent having one kid to take care of. The other parent would also have the other kid. The choice of which child goes to whom will depend on the children, most of the time. However, when they could not find themselves in agreement, the court dictates where the children will be living.

Indeed, there is a huge change that comes with any form of separation, and some of these amendments include the parenting time you get to have with your kids. Some couples fight over child custody while others find settlement after a few meetings. The type of parenting also dictates the amount of Child Support that the parents owe.