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This question was central to the case, Corey Bessner Consulting Inc. v. Core Consultants Realty.

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You might think that the term "use" is simple and straight forward, especially considering that

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Under Canada's Trademark Act, there are several routes of action that can occur if a

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In Canada, trademark protection exists under common law and legislation. Trademarks provide protection across Canada.

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Canada's new trademark law was updated in 2019 to align with other country's and international

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With Bill C-31, the Economic Action Plan Act 2014, receiving Royal Assent, we can expect

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Canada and the United States each have their own trademark registers and set of trademark

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Marking a Trademark

Trademark marking requirements are different for different countries. In Canada, there is no requirement to

Licensing a Trademark

If you have a trademark, you can license it to others. A license agreements permits