4 Reasons For A Landlord To Hire A Lawyer

Usually, disputes pertaining to landlords and tenants tend to get murky. According to a report published in the Global News, a man named Andreas Pirelli had refused to leave the duplex he was renting and claimed it to be an embassy for freemen, making his tenancy a major concern for the landlord. This is just one of the really extreme cases of rental disputes in Canada, there are many such bizarre incidents that demand the landlord to take legal action. In some cases, it is a breach of a rental agreement, in other cases, it is the tenant refusing to vacate the premises on time. Whatever may be the reason, landlords these days need to have a lawyer on a retainer to tackle tenant related disputes. Here are a few reasons why a landlord would hire an attorney in Edmonton:

1) If the Tenant Needs to be Evicted

Evicting a tenant can be a tough task to do if she refuses to vacate the premises. Things tend to get further difficult if the tenant has a lawyer to fight the case for her. In such cases, it is best for landlords to consult with an attorney in Edmonton to help them get through the eviction process. Evicting a tenant cannot be done on a whim. There are certain laws like the Residential Tenancies Act that bestow certain rights on landlords and tenants. A lawyer will be well-versed in dealing with such cases and will help the landlord with the necessary legal procedures.

2) If the Tenant Fails to Pay Rent

As per the Residential Tenancies Act, paying rent on time is a tenant’s legal obligation. In some cases, the tenant fails to pay rent for months together and recovering that amount from them can be a task. Consulting a lawyer at this point will give you perspective on how to deal with such cases. If required, the landlord will be able to file a case in the provincial court with the help of his attorney in Edmonton.

3) If the Tenant Causes Potential Damage to the Premises

Most tenancy agreements have certain mandates regarding how to maintain the premises. If the tenant breaches this mandate and causes potential damage to the landlord’s property, then the landlord has every right to ask for a compensation. Here the landlord can either choose to do it himself or hire a lawyer to speed up the process. Getting a lawyer is useful in such cases as they can deal with the issue staying emotionally detached.

4) If the Tenant Holds you Responsible for Injuries

Sometimes, the tenant can hold the landlord liable for any injury or illness she gets during her stay in the rental property. Irrespective of whether the landlord was responsible for the loss of health, he should consider hiring a lawyer. Especially, because the tenant too might have a lawyer to fight her case and you don’t want to be left alone to deal with the mess on your own.

So, these were a few scenarios when a landlord should consider hiring an attorney in Edmonton. If you have been looking out for a suitable lawyer to fight your case, then get in touch with us at the earliest.