Living Together Yet Separated: What Does It Mean?

Did you know that many couples who are in the process of finalizing their divorce end up in an unenviable position of still living together? Not all couples who apply for divorce could afford to live in separate residences. It may sound absurd to others while it is a real struggle for some couples. The depressed state of real estate may be one of the reasons why couples who are going through a divorce could not afford to sell their home for they would only be at the losing end.

Can you imagine living together even though you are already separated? It may come with a bit of an awkwardness, but it’s a temporary solution to the financial problem that the couple is going through. Sometimes, paying for two separate houses until their matrimonial house is sold is just not possible for couples. This is not something to be embarrassed about. It’s all about being practical, especially when you have kids whose financial independence you want to protect.

But how do you make this set-up work? The best way to do it is to put a set of rules in place. And then, talk about the issues concerning your current living conditions. Be open to negotiations to achieve desired results faster. Make sure to cover the following:

  • Talk about the actual selling cost of your real estate properties. If you are selling your home, make sure to talk with your divorce lawyer as well as your real estate agent. You must come to a decision at what cost you are willing to sell your house. The faster you decide on this, the faster you can change your living arrangements.
  • Discuss on the division of the proceeds of the money you will earn from selling your property. Although most lawyers would convince you to fight for a fifty-fifty division of properties, this is not always possible in a divorce. Sometimes, the spouse with whom the kids will live with gets the higher half.
  • Set the household budget and how it will be shared. Before you fight over who pays for dinner or who settles the electric bill, it is best to talk about the budget to keep it clear right from the beginning. You just have to trust that the other will keep up with the budgetary payments they’re expected to make.
  • Negotiate on child custody and parenting responsibilities. It is important that both parties understand their responsibilities to the children. If you can’t seem to agree on this aspect, it is best to consult your divorce lawyer for help.

Perhaps the most important aspect of staying together in one house but living separate lives is for both parties to agree to be respectful, civil and cooperative. Even if you are staying in one house, you can still formalize the divorce, including your financial and parenting concerns. Keep in mind that the best decision is the one that works for both spouses and the children too.