Trademark Infringement – Do You Need An IP Lawyer

A trademark may be a symbol, an icon, a word, or words and is a type of intellectual property. A company can register their trademark in order to establish country wide protection. A trademark is an invaluable asset to the company since a single symbol has the capacity to communicate the company’s involvement, reputation, and weight behind its products. IP lawyers and agents in Edmonton state that established trademarks can be so effective in driving profitability that trademark infringements do occur. Legal counsel is imperative in the case of trademark infringement, these are a few of the reasons why:

You Don’t Know the Limitations

While registering for a trademark grants you protection and rights to use the symbol on legal grounds, it would be unwise to rely on this alone in the case of trademark infringement. Some inexperienced entrepreneurs impulsively escalate matters before acquiring adequate legal counsel. A trademark is simply an acknowledgment of the distinctness of your brand name. The trademark registration on its own does not extend its protection to the products or services of other categories or sectors. To have a more accurate understanding of the strength of your case, rely on IP lawyers and agents in Edmonton.

You Can’t Conduct Comprehensive Research

Trademark infringement litigation is a complicated and expensive affair, and there have been instances where the defendant ends up winning the case. Your IP lawyer in Edmonton can assist you with research methods to evaluate the strength of the infringement case since it weighs crucial aspects such as trademark strength, the similarity of the rival company’s trademark alongside reasonable evidence that proves consumer confusion. It is only after the strength of the case is determined that the IP lawyer can provide advice on suitable courses of action.

You Don’t Know Your Alternatives

Trademark infringement cases tend to be expensive, and an experienced trademark team tends to have a better measure of the case, and the dangers involved. An experienced trademark team helps you factor in the risks associated with pressing the matter to court. Certain entrepreneurs also press charges in the hope of collecting damages, but that is not always applicable.

Oftentimes, the better course of action is simply halting at a trademark infringement threat letter to see how the defendant responds. IP lawyers in Edmonton may recommend Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in certain cases. Alternative Dispute Resolution has several advantages such as relative privacy and limited financial investment.

We recommend relying on the knowledge of experienced IP lawyers and agents in Edmonton practicing at Prowse Chowne LLP. Our trademark practice has been around for years, allowing us to help you protect the substantial financial investments that you make in your brand.