When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

The rate of motor vehicular collisions in Canada is gradually declining, however, automobile injuries continue to cost citizens over 19.8 million in healthcare expenditure every year. A significant section of these healthcare claims is denied by insurance providers due to irrelevant reasons. And, though there are not many statistics of the number of claims rejected by insurers, the $532 million in unclaimed insurance pay-outs is a strong argument for the same.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer after suffering a traumatic injury helps you avoid these predicaments and also aids your process of recovery. A practised injury lawyer is well conversant in dealing with accidents like assaults and vehicular collisions and helps in ensuring complete rehabilitation of the victims and the safety of their family.

Here’s a closer look at the reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer:

Post a Vehicular Accident

It is vital to consult a personal injury lawyer immediately after a motor vehicular collision. A skilled lawyer can help you report the incident appropriately ensuring correct filing of the police records. He also makes sure you receive the necessary medical attention post the accident and systemizes your medical records. Lack of proper medical attention post a collision can lead to negligent liability on the part of the victim. An injury lawyer helps you navigate this situation prudently.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Although most people file an insurance claim for recovering damages on stolen property and medical reimbursements, it may be necessary to apply for one to cover your financial and medical losses post a vehicular accident.

Referring to an injury lawyer can help you file your auto insurance claim accurately reducing the chances of its rejection. Your attorney can also negotiate with the other party’s insurer and reach an amicable settlement.

Defending Disputed Liability

Determining the liability after a motor vehicular accident or an assault is a trying experience for most victims. The legal liability in an assault charge is usually determined by the status of the consent and the intent of the offender. However, defining liability post an automobile accident can be fairly difficult as it depends on various other factors such as the police records, the Common Law Violations and the Motor Vehicular violations.

Consulting an experienced personal injury is especially important to defend cases which have a disputed liability. Your lawyer can determine your degree of fault in the accident precisely and settle a reasonable claim to aid your process of recovery.

Filing for Compensatory Damages

A motor vehicular accident or an assault not only affects your physical and mental wellbeing but also has a detrimental effect on your quality of life. Hence, it is imperative to file for compensatory damages post the accident to ensure complete rehabilitation. Compensatory damages usually cover medical expenses and remedial costs associated with the accident. However, depending on the degree of fault of the other party involved and the damages sustained by the victim, you can also file compensations for:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Damage to property
  • Income
  • House Maintenance

The process of recovery from a personal injury can be challenging for the victim. Consulting a good law firm not only ensures complete recuperation but also restores the victim’s quality of life.