Legal Rights of Children

A person is considered a child under the law until they reach the age of 18. Children who are still living with their parents have a set of rights that their parents should abide by. From providing them with their basic needs to giving in to some of the things that they want, parents must be able to cover all these. If not, the state must provide all the services that will help the child grow.

What are the child’s necessities?

Food, clothing, education and healthcare – these are the basic needs that every child must be provided with. If the parents could not provide any or all of these basic needs, the government will then step in. The government has an agency called the Child Protective Services that ensures the family of the child received enough help and support from the government to live by. Such office is also responsible for taking the child out of a home that has become abusive. In the years that they have dealt with parents who can barely provide for their children, the office has also filed cases in court to terminate the parenting rights of some individuals.

Do children with disabilities have rights too?

Yes. These kids are no different from the others without special needs. They have every right to be provided with an education that will equip them with the skills required to survive. The free and appropriate public education must be provided by the state where they belong. The school must be able to provide them with an education that is adequate to their needs as the type of training given to the other regular students.

Can children consult with a legal counsel?

Under certain circumstances, children have the right to seek the help of a lawyer, much like the rights of any adult. Whenever they are accused of a crime, they have the right to be legally represented in court. If the parents could not afford to hire a lawyer, the judge will automatically choose a lawyer that will account for the child at no cost to the parents. The court must also assign a lawyer to help the child if the case is filed against his parents.

How can a family lawyer help?

The laws that surround the rights of children can be too complicated for those who do not practice family law. Each fact of the case is unique to its own. However, if you aim to provide the child with the best legal help available, you should consult a lawyer who has experience in handling family law cases. They will know how else to help you.