Rights of A Married Person

You made a promise to love and support your spouse through sickness and in health, but your obligations to your partner do not end there. In fact, since you got married, you have certain responsibilities that single people do not have. These rights and obligations come with the commitment you made with your spouse on the day you got married.

Marriage brings about both legal and financial benefits to couples alongside the duties that they have to perform as part of the union. In fact, some of these rights continue even after the death of a spouse or after the divorce has been made final. In both situations, it is best to talk to a lawyer to consider all the legal repercussions of the actions that you may take.

What are your marital rights?

Marital rights may vary from one state of Canada to another. However, most states recognize the following rights of all married individuals.

  • Ability to open joint bank accounts. The state acknowledges the need of couples to put together the money that they want to set aside for their family. Thus, banks do not require so many documents for a joint bank account for married couples.
  • Ability to file for joint state returns. This is to ensure that all the finances spent to cover the family’s needs are included in the filing. Such process also helps couples save a few hundred dollars on tax.
  • Every married couple has the right to be given the marriage or family rates on primary insurance policies including health, car and even liability insurance. Not only does this spell huge savings, but it will give married couples a bit more money to spend on the other necessities they may have.
  • Right to inherit any of the spouse’s real property upon death. Only the legal spouse is entitled to claim ownership of such assets, including bank accounts unless otherwise stated in the last will of the deceased.
  • Right to seek legal justice for the wrongful death of a spouse through an accident of some sort. All the benefits that come from the legal battle will be left to the spouse to administer.
  • Right to receive all the benefits of the spouse upon death including Social Security pension and worker’s compensation. The spouse may also claim the disability benefits that some government agencies provide.

How can the family law be of help?

Such rights may seem easy on the eyes in the beginning, but they come with great responsibilities as well. It is important that you understand the details of each situation before any claim for marital rights is made. This is when the family lawyer steps in. They could help you understand all your legal rights as well as your responsibilities to ensure that your rights as a spouse are protected at all times.