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Women’s Rights As An Employee In Ontario

The aggrieved employee can contact the Human Resources department of the respective company or firm

Why Should You Apply For An Industrial Design?

Many people are aware of copyrights, trademarks and patents. These form the major categories of

What’s The Best Way To End A Business Partnership?

A business partnership is difficult to get through and there is always a chance that

What’s Changed Between Employers And Temporary Staffing Agencies?

The enactment of Bill 18 brought in the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act,

What To Do After My Patent Expires?

A patent is an important asset for any company and needs to be protected in

What Happens If You Don’t Make a Will?

If you would like to get a will made or if you want to discuss

What Are The Different Types Of Corporations From A Tax Perspective?

There are different types of corporations for tax purposes. As a business owner, you have

Top 4 Financial Scams in Canada

If you find yourself in the midst of such a case, it is always wise

The Importance Of A Dispute Resolution Clause In An Agreement

The dispute resolution clause in a contract lays out a mechanism for the resolution of

Technology Platform Licensing – What Is It?

If you are looking forward to protect your software from any kind of infringement, then

Steps To Hire Employees For Your Business

Every employer must know what he is looking for in the employee he intends to

Should Your Company Offer ESOPs?

One of the greatest challenges your startup or small business faces is employee retention. Due

Rules on the Termination of Employment

In the Employment Standards Code of Edmonton, a notice of termination is not always necessary.

Questions Being Asked on TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP has been an ongoing topic of debate. There are detractors

Process of LEED Certification in Canada

If you receive an affirmative decision, then your building is LEED certified. If the decision

New Rules For Exporting Produce To The US

The horticultural industry leaders of Canada are poring over documents that have been issued by

National Phase Entry Of A Patent Application In Canada

Maintenance fees for Canadian patent applications are due by the second anniversary of the filing

Law Firm Or In-House Legal Team? What Should You Choose?

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your legal process to a law firm is

Import into Canada The Right Way

If you are planning to start an import business and would like to have a

How To Manage Your Employees On Their First Day

Most employees who arrive for the first day at work are very eager to see

How To Hire A Law Firm

Hire expert legal counsel who can provide you with the solutions to your legal problems.

Health Coverage Outside Canada For Albertans

Albertans who need medical services outside Canada can be compensated by their Albertan Heath Care

Employee Discipline: How Do You Deal With It?

Whether you own a small business or a big one, you have to make sound

Edmonton Employee Rights

The amount of remuneration that one received based on the quantity of work rendered, the

Domestic Violence: When Is It Time To Say It’s Enough!

Every experienced family lawyer would often advise their clients to seek professional help, so they

Division In Divorce: Is Getting Half Enough?

Everyone who has gone through the divorce process will tell you it was a difficult

Dealing With The Ex: How To Put Your Children First

Just keep in mind that the divorce is all about the ending of a marriage

Custody Modification Edmonton

Every part of Canada has its child custody provisions, each one attempting to make the

Co-parenting After Divorce: Tips You Can Use

The divorce process is now over. Now is the best time to start planning your

Challenges for Foreign Students in Canada in 2015

Foreign national students in Canada face a lot of challenges when it comes to adjusting